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My First Post

March 28, 2013 — 2 Comments

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This is my first blog post. There, I wrote it. Those six words have been stuck in my mind for months, refusing to exit my fingers as they float over the keyboard. I have used so many excuses, framed as reasons, to delay writing this post.

First, the “why”of launching this blog. I have felt a tug on my heart and soul for some time. I sense it when I’m still and quite. At first I thought it was a byproduct of my love for spicy Mexican food, but the feeling surfaces regardless of what I’ve eaten! It emerges as a sense of unattempted endeavors, under-developed talents, and untouched lives. I now see it as a call to reach my God-given potential — a challenge to close the gap between my current level of impact and the potential of a life best-lived. This blog is one way to reduce that gap.

Generally speaking, I’m a learner, a connector and an encourager. I enjoy reading, researching, connecting with friends, engaging new ones, asking questions, and encouraging others.

My interests lie in the areas of leadership, innovation, the effective use of technology, real estate investing, and design.

I will post to this blog two to three times each week. We’ll explore intentional living, lessons learned, calls to action, – all freely shared through this platform called a blog.