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He had four daughters.
Whom he’d given a lifetime of Valentine’s Day gifts.
Each year, each gift, communicated “I love you”.
One gift survived the passing of time.
It was among the least expensive.
Given decades ago.
But all four girls managed to keep
their red plastic heart pin, rimmed in gold foil.
Every subsequent Valentine’s Day, the pins were worn.
A memory, a reminder, a bond.
These plastic pins weigh maybe an ounce – but represent tons.
It’s often the simple joys in our life that mean the most.
Money can buy a lot of special gifts, but it can’t buy what those pins came to represent.

Papa is gone now.
But the pins, and more importantly the memories of a father’s love remain.


Note: The giver of the pins, and the receiver of so much love from his wife and daughters, was my father-in-law, Charles Martin. On this first Valentine’s Day without Charles, we all remember his life, his love and his example.

Super Bowl Inspiration

February 2, 2015 — Leave a comment

Kudos to Dove. Their Super Bowl commercial featuring dads was a breath of fresh air – and a reflection of how our dads shape our lives.

If you haven’t seen it, you can watch it <here>.

The ad reminds us that our dads:

Swing us into new experiences, steadied by their firm grip.
Come to our aid to wipe, whatever.
Catch us when we jump timidly into something new.
Rejoice as we grow up and move out.
Comfort us in our sorrows.
Rescue us when life hangs us out to dry.
Proudly witness our accomplishments.
Embrace us in arms that are always open to receive us back.

…and so much more.

Thanks Dad.