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……….Each year holds the possibility of a new dream.

……..Each month serves as a yardstick to measure our progress.

……Each week offers a game-plan to live intentionally.

….Each day beckons us to realize its gift.

.Each moment crystalizes into meaning as we recognize its worth.

Life, leadership and significance are determined by our reverence of each moment.

The Law of Excellence

January 17, 2014 — Leave a comment
Bigstock carving 40018369 craftsman displaying excellence

Like the masterpiece of a fine craftsman, our excellent work creates lasting impressions. This is the law of excellence at work.

“If you give the world your best, the world gives its best in return.” Good words: for the aspiring middle school flute player, the studying college student, the busy housewife, the first time employee, the struggling writer, and the executive looking for the next rung on the ladder.

There are principles in work and life that are so consistent that you could call them laws. One of them is the Law of Excellence. Our best work invites the best results, the best opportunities, the best careers, the best relationships, the best experiences, etc.

Sometimes when we are discouraged about our situation, it is easy to blame outside circumstances or others for our condition. Most likely, though, the solution to our problems is staring at us in the mirror.

What good news! This means that we are not at the mercy of the whims of others. Rather, we can improve our current situation by acknowledge and applying this simple law.

We can progress toward the people we want to be by tapping into this Law of Excellence. Don’t settle for good enough, don’t compare your work to your neighbors.

Simply ask yourself, “Is this my best?” When we take the time to produce our best work, we are actually defining the type of opportunities that we’ll have tomorrow.  Doing your best work is a pretty cool way to chart your future!

My Best always trumps Good Enough.

The Sky Painter

September 20, 2013 — Leave a comment

Image September Sunrise

Sometimes the boldest messages are so easily ignored. Consider the largest billboard of our day. The Sky Painter seeks to inspire, encourage and communicate with his palette of hues and diversity of brush-strokes.

Early risers are often rewarded with a brilliant masterpiece hung in the eastern sky. Every second, the canvas changes with new expressions of light and color. It’s as if the Sky Painter longs to infuse color, beauty and wonder into our day – to remind us that we can echo, that we can propagate this beauty in and through our own work as the day unfolds.

I believe he wants to be among the first impressions on our often busy days. The morning message is clear, but brief – the sky quickly fades – it is as if he is saying, “It’s your turn now – what beauty will you create today?”

And then, as each day closes, the Sky Painter begins again. Sometimes the colors are more pastel – to gently remind us of his presence. As the magnum opus develops in the western sky, it is his best work for that day – never to be repeated. It beckons us to become centered – to release the troubles and challenges of the day. If we look, if we listen, he speaks through his waning canvas to whisper order and transcendent beauty into our soul.

This rhythm of the skies quietly frames our days with bold strokes of color and silver lined edges. We can easily let the tyranny of the urgent arrest our attention. On those days, we trudge and tromp and stomp through the day, unaware of our potential. The Sky Painter offers show-stopping beauty to woo us back from the grind, from the busyness of life, and toward a greater awareness of what is and what could be.